The Giving Goose

The Giving Goose is a charity started by two parents whose daughter had pediatric cancer. (She is now in remission!) The little girl’s nickname is “Goose”, hence the name “The Giving Goose”. Proceeds go towards fighting pediatric cancer. I was responsible for creating their logo, as well as designs for t-shirts, candles, and totes. This project was created while I was at MediaWorks.


This was the main logo created for The Giving Goose. They wanted the gold ribbon to be around the goose's neck to represent the pediatric cancer ribbon.


This was the "sophisticated" version I created for The Giving Goose. This was put onto their business cards and letterhead. They wanted a cleaner version for business related items.


This was the third and final version of their logo I created. They wanted a variation of the main logo that was less clean, but where the type was larger for smaller items.

Above are the items that have been created with the designs I made. Please consider buying one of their items and donating to pediatric cancer research, here.