Messina Masonry and Construction, Inc. is a small business in Springfield, TN. The owners have a passion for theater, so I really wanted that to come through in their logo, even though the company was unrelated. This project was designed while I worked at MediaWorks.

The following were logos created in an initial "compass" or variations of logos presented to the client to choose from before deciding on their final.


This logo was inspired by masonry and the letter "M". The wall was shaped into a letter M and the to make it a little more modern I added the metallic look.


This logo was inspired by the trowel, commonly used in masonry. The trowel was used to create part of the "M" in MMC which stood for Messina Masonry & Construction.


This logo was inspired by a stage spotlight, since the owners had a passion for theatre. It then features the trowel, a common tool used for masonry.